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Un excellent reportage de nos amis Canadiens !



Le reportage diffusé sur Radio-Canada est là (lien direct) :




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I never knew about fraudulent activities in this manner until it happened to me. It started in late September 2020. He was charming, handsome from the photos and appeared to be very sincere. He also has a daughter and claimed his wife left him and the daughter for an old friend. He claimed his career choice was an construction engineer and he lived in France. We moved to google hangouts after about two weeks and communicated all during the day and night for about a month. He said he had a job in Africa Cote d ivoir the Ivory Coast and was going to travel there. He sent me plenty of photos of him and his daughter and evening sent me videos. One week into the job on a Friday he claimed his bank account was locked and he couldn’t pay his works. He said he contacted the bank and they needed him back in France in order to take care of the block on his bank account. This went on for several weeks and he said the workers had started to harass him for there pay they even took his passport. He kept asking for help and I denied on several occasions he continued to ask cry and stating he had no one to loan him money he had no family. He gave me a bank account statement with a large amount of euros in the account his name and a address at that time I was not aware that it was fake. I loaned him some money to pay the workers so that they would not harm him and the little girl and then it was the hotel fee that they were staying at in Gagnoa Ivory Coast which also fed them, it become a never ending story one thing after another. During our many conversations of life planning for togetherness he claimed he was going to give me the money back that I loaned him as soon as he returned to France. He went to Abidjan to catch a flight back to France and claim he had Covid 19 and wanted more money. The little girl was supposedly to have returned to France in November 2021. This went on for about a year and some months. I started researching him a little deeper and found him under several alias names on dating sites and social media. When I asked about it he said his social media account was hacked in France. I asked for picture ID and address which he provided the photo was real the details was not. The more he asked for help of money the more information I required. He then appeared on a social media account listed as a love scammer, and also here on this site. I learned alot about him by investigating on the web. He is of Dominican origin and speaks French at the time the girl was with him but he states she is back in France now because she missed school for a whole year and she’s staying with a friend of his no name given. He confesses love quickly and uses my love and baby alot when communicating. He claims to be still in the Ivory Coast and is trying to get back to France. He is well dressed in name brand clothes and often has about 3 gold necklaces around his neck. He claimed he couldn’t find a job in the area which was a lie plenty of jobs was listed in the ivory coast under his profession. His job is scamming woman out of money with him victim stories that he uses. He appeared in young to middle ago and even 50 and over dating sites looking for someone to love scam. My main concern was the child but after sometime I think the child is working with him to be successful in these scams. I’m a confident, good person with a happy wonderful busy life that has had my kindness taken advantage of. I hope this information can prevent someone from going through this horrible experience. These people are giving love and relationships a bad experience but please, if you don’t have a special person in your life don’t give up just make sure you stay educated on the scammer’s approach. Peace and blessings
Je lis et jecoute tout ce qui est dit. Jai ete moi même arnaque. Il se nomme didier Morvan et a une fille angélique, un ami qui l'aide didier boudot.jai arrete car les histoires, leurs difficutes a chaque fois, n'étaient pas cohérentes. Jai un ami qui a fait suivre les pcs en les bloquant avant,et en les suivant jattend des nouvelles..ils ont tellement l'art et la maniere de ns amadouer que ns plongeont a 2 pieds surtout qd ns sommes malheureux et cherchons du réconfort


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